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Classroom Policies

Classroom policies will follow AUSD District handbook policies in regards to academic and disciplinary purposes.

Additional policies are as follows:


All homework will be turned in the following day, unless it has been established as a multi-day project.

If absent, the student has the amount of days absent to make up their late work (ex., 1 day absent, 1 day to make up work).

All work requires a heading: First and Last Names, Date, Class, and Assignment. This heading is expected to be at the top right-hand corner. A point deduction will be enforced for each and any variation or omission of any of the four required topics for the heading.

Any forms of plagiarism will be subject to a zero (0) point score. Academically, students are expected to do their best to think and write each work independently. Group work requires the best collaborative statements to help retain the subject matter, so group work will be scrutinized for plagiarism. Outright copying from the book is reserved for individual cases that require plans; anyone without a plan is expected and required to read and write independent statements for notes, questions, or responses. Paraphrasing is greatly encouraged, as long as it is translated or interpreted, not reassembled into a quasi-plagiarized statement.

Home-/ Classwork: The point value for each assignment is ten (10) points. During the first month and a half of school, a student who simply attends class received five (5) out of ten points for attendance; the rest of their points depended on the quality and structure of their work. Now each student who attends will receive four (4) points out of ten for attendance; this is to promote the importance of doing work and providing quality in each and every assignment.

Due to the homework being less intensive (compared the classwork) and strictly for review, all homework is due the next day, the only exception is being absent for the day. This applies to all students. Therefore, there is no make-up work for assignments.

Late work will be accepted for a lowered score, with the condition the work be submitted the same day as it was due (given to the teacher before 2:45 p.m. on the day the work was due).


During the first month of school, a test would consist of a twenty-question test: ten multiple choice, five True or False, and five vocabulary questions (five points a question equalling 100%).

Currently, to enhance the importance of understanding the entirety of the subject matter, two (2) comprehensive questions will be given (ten points a question for a total of twenty [20] points possible) with each test. The remainder of the test will follow the previous twenty-question format, but at four (4) points per question; the total being eighty (80) possible points for the twenty questions and twenty (20) points possible for both comprehensive questions, equalling to one hundred (100) percent.

Any talking during the test is an automatic zero (0) points for both or all parties involved in the conversation. There should be zero questions, statements, or discussions between students for any reason, especially for needed items. As stated during the first week of class, students are responsible for bringing their own items to class; if they know they have a test, they should have made arrangements prior to the class and not during the test.

If absent on a test day, they may take an alternate test the next following day. If absent on Friday, test must be taken on Monday (student had two days to study on their own).

Retests will be given to those who score a 69 and below. The conditions for a retest is as follows:
1. The student has the parent sign the test
2. The student corrects the incorrect answers.
3. The student takes the test by the end of the week.

Any retest not taken within one week of being given their tests back will result in the final grade of zero (0) in their account (ex., Test taken on 9-5-12, test returned 9-12-12, retest must be done before 9-19-12; weekends/ holiday weekends included as they are considered the student’s independent study time).

Extra Credit

Extra credit will not be given as students will need to learn to work at each assignment to the best of their knowledge and ability. Extra credit is not to be relied on to boost scores. Therefore, each and every student will need to work hard for each and every score they earn.

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Parent Participation

To the Families of the Crew,

New District Plan: Please contact the office for new rules for any volunteer time during school hours, as there has been a policy change on a district-wide scale.

As you well know, the State has cut our classroom budget by a large amount, which means the Nautilus will need to be conservative with it’s provisions.  Unfortunately, this also aplies to almost all avenues of life. In that light, I humbley and kindly ask that if there are ANY items that your workplace, or yourselves, may no longer need, or plan to discard, the Nautilus and Vulcania crews would be grateful for any donations, specifically those that may aid the class; i.e. Post-its, colored pencils, scissors, containers, colored paper, pens, dry-erase markers, containers, or microwave/ oven-safe glassware. This may not be a complete list, but it will do for now. Again, any items that are ONLY to be donated, nothing bought, please. For any parents in the medical or scientific field, any scientific materials  (microscopes, slides, phenol red {powder or liquid}, etc.) would be greatly appreciated as well.

Thank You,

The Captain

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Vulcania Staff (Grade 7 Students)

Engineers (Science)- Respiration and Circulation 2

Research (Reading)- Articles on later start times

Recorders (Writing)-Rubric for Argument paper

Athenaeum (History)-

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Recent Developments

At this time, there is a programming error with the Smart Board software that is preventing the exportation of files into a pdf format. Normally, the notes done in class with the Smart Board would be converted into a pdf file to allow the notes to be uploaded onto this blog site without effort. I can only ask for your patience at this time until the company sends word of a patch or other solution to this problem. Thank you for your time.

Mr. Rios

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Nautilus and Vulcania Information

All crew members,

Thank you and welcome to your site for all that can aid in your academic endeavors. There is a need to give a brief history lesson before moving ahead.

This site was created as a class project during my Master’s term at CSULA and have found the site a benefit for class information as well as a hub for useful sites for your child’s education.

Although the site will undergo sporadic changes as they arise, it will try to be an online source for any needs you may have.

As for an online site for your child’s work and progress, I do have a Jupiter Grades account to which I am in the process of generating class accounts for all my 7th Grade courses.

Again, all the AUSD information can be found at the District’s website; please check there for calendar events such as school holidays, benchmark dates, and report card distribution.

I have an e-mail account that will be for parents’ use; discussions with the Administration about use of technology and email use with parents. Please wait for further details.

Thank you and I hope this website will be of benefit for the students and parents of Fremont Elementary School.